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September 2019

✓ Browse the internet safely and anonymously

✓ Unlock worldwide and unrestricted access to Netflix, HBO, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and more

✓ Secure your transactions online

✓ Protect your privacy and data on Wi-Fi networks

✓ Available on: Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android

#4 HotspotShield


Good value for money.

✓ Plenty of servers to choose from worldwide

✓ High encryption

✓ Easy set up

✓ Unlock access to Netflix, BBC iPlayer and more

✗ Could propose more additional features

✗ Limited simultaneous connections

HotspotShield ➤

#5 TunnelBear


Safe browsing and streaming.

✓ Good choice of security protocols

✓ Unlimited bandwidth

✓ Little buffering when streaming

✗ Live Chat is slow

✗ Limited number of individual servers

TunnelBear ➤

#7 PrivateVPN


Efficient for basic use.

✓ Standard logs policy

✓ Torrent and streaming friendly

✗ Lack of advanced features for mobile devices

✗ Annual plan is pricey compared to other VPNs

✗ Limited customer support

PrivateVPN ➤

Best 7 VPN is a user-oriented independent review site.

Our goal is to provide users worldwide with helpful, verified and honest information on the best VPN solutions available on the market.

Our team has been testing and reviewing the most popular VPN products for years, offering Internet users in-depth opinions and comparison features, so they can rely only on top performing VPNs.

1. Are VPNs really safe?

The VPN’s safety depends on the VPN service provider. When choosing a VPN, we recommend checking in details the Terms of Service, Privacy and Logging Policies of the VPN provider. Even though every VPN solution claims to respect your privacy and protect your data, only these policies bind the service provider legally.

We also discourage you from using Free VPN products. If you do not have to pay, there is a big chance that your data are their source of revenue. Also, Free VPN solutions do not usually offer security protocols which are 100% secured.

In short, look carefully for any information concerning the share of your data to third parties and partners, before subscribing to a VPN service.

In our reviews, we take privacy, security protocols and logging policies very seriously. We will never recommend a VPN service provider which is not transparent about its privacy and logging policies towards users.

2. Is it legal to use a VPN in my country?

Using a VPN is legal in almost every country. Even though a VPN can be used for illegal activities, using the software itself is not against the law.

However, there are always some exceptions. In some parts of the world, the use of VPNs can be restricted, fully banned or blocked. These countries are: Belarus, Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, Oman, Iraq, Turkmenistan, UAE, and North Korea.

What matters here is your physical location, so we discourage you from using a VPN, if your country is listed above. On the contrary, countries like UK, Australia, France, Germany, US, and New Zealand, fully allow the use of VPN solutions.

We advise you to always double-check your local laws before using a VPN.

3. Will a VPN slow down my Internet speed?

Using a VPN implies to connect to another server. This will always have an impact on your Internet speed, but some VPN solutions are better than others in keeping your connection quality and ensuring fast browsing, streaming and torrenting speeds.

In some cases, you can even experience faster speeds if your VPN product overcomes ISP throttling.

In our reviews, we always test VPN speeds, so you can be sure that the VPNs we recommend will only have a minor impact on your connection performance. You might also take in account the size of a VPN server park before choosing the right VPN for you. More servers will give you more possibilities to connect to another server which is not already saturated.

4. Do VPNs work on mobile devices?

Using a VPN can be as easy as downloading a software on your computer. Today, most VPN services are user friendly, but you might consider using a VPN which provides customizable and quick connection features like CyberGhost.

The Best VPNs are usually compatible with any computer and mobile device, but the connection quality might not be always flawless.

That is why we recommend you research whether a VPN will work on your favorite devices.

In our reviews, we only feature VPNs that are available on the most popular devices: Windows, MAC, Linux, iOS, Android.

5. Can I trust your reviews?

Our reviews are the results of hours of in-depth research and product testing to ensure you the best quality service. If you are not familiar with our independent review site, we invite you to check our 6-step review process.

Our goal is to provide users worldwide with helpful, verified, and honest information on the Top VPN solutions available on the market. We always put users’ needs, privacy and protection first while reviewing Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

As a small team of Internet software enthusiasts, we cannot obviously cover all the solutions that are entering and leaving the market, so our service only reviews the top VPN products which offer the best performance and features.


This website provides free online resources about Top VPN providers, but we still need to cover the cost of hosting and product testing to ensure you the best quality service. As a result, we might receive compensation and referral fees from VPNs we feature. As we cannot cover all the solutions that are entering and leaving the market, our service only reviews the top VPN products which offer the best performance and features.

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